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Balanced starter fleet

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Balanced starter fleet

PostFri May 19, 2017 8:40 pm

I play DFC with several friends who enjoy the game but don't own sets of their own. These games have all been with starter fleets. So far I've been avoiding using the Shaltari starter fleet to show the game off to new players, as the extra drop capacity and Voidgates acting as defense batteries kind of warps the game. None of the other starter fleets can even drop on 3 clusters in beginner scenario. There is already a ~50 point advantage in the Shaltari favor in the start fleets.

What would balance it out? Dropping down to 2 Voidgates?
Maybe give the other factions a free 3rd strike carrier?
Even then, I feel like the Shaltari have a massive advantage in the ground game unless a player manages to take out the Emerald.

Another option would be to play Station assault, or reduce the size of the clusters so that the ground game has less impact on the score.

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