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Overall Balance - Launch vs Burnthrough vs Guns

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Re: Overall Balance - Launch vs Burnthrough vs Guns

PostWed Jan 03, 2018 12:59 pm

Absolutely. Even with a major spike, a Shaltari cruiser can only be hit from 21" away. In reverse though that Shaltari cruiser can hit a UCM cruiser with a major spike from 30" away and the Shaltari ships move faster and have means of active scanning themselves (Opals are only 2 pts more than a Lima and can also boost shields! Topaz love a good active scan too).

Shaltari should always hit first. You ate going to lose ships against Shaltari.

Fortunately UCM ships are much cheaper than Shaltari ones and they also have access to cheap bombardment cruisers that can be used to pressure the Hogs into taking those early shots and allowing you to unleash the rest of your fleet on them. Of course you have to also have invested enough in the grounds game because Shaltari are very good at the ground game.

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