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Initial thoughts?

Discuss tactics and general fleet concepts not specific to a faction
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Re: Initial thoughts?

PostFri Dec 30, 2016 5:42 pm

wowskyguy wrote:
J.D. Welch wrote:I think that last part was Stompy's point -- with Bombers on their butts, ships often have to go with Course Change or Max Thrust to try to shake them off, and that means that entire BG can't go WF. That's the deterrent of the Bombers...

Sorry guys, I probably missed something on the rules. Shake it? I understand that if the bombers are within 2x Thrust they act at the end of the target ship next activation, independent of where it is. Are you guys suggesting that the target ships should move through a fine debris field so the bombers make a save? Is the 2x Thrust range checked again after the target activation? Didn't follow.


Page 64 Defence Against Launch Assets. You can use Course Change or Max Thrust on a ship with bomber tokens on it. If you do each token makes a roll and dies on 4+. Flying into debris would help too.


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Re: Initial thoughts?

PostSat Dec 31, 2016 3:31 am

Stompzilla wrote:PHR troopships defend themselves better than any troopship from any other faction.

I've played against PHR loads of times now with mainly Scourge and once with Shaltari. They're a good faction. Yeah the troopships can go up fast if your enemy can concentrate on it but so do battleships and PHR troopships last longer than anyone else's. Medeas are the best strike carrier by a good way too.

Agreed - but being (very slightly) more survivable on paper, is not quite the same thing in actual game. I played today with 2 Orpheus- a Mothership gunned down one on 11 Hull in a single turn, the other was (on full hull) was damaged in the explosion then focused down in a bomber wave at the end of the turn. With the amount of weapons critting on 5+, ignoring armour, or pumping out massive amounts of CA (or in the case of the Jet - doing all three), the extra hull and armour does not help that much in keeping them alive. Couple that with fairly permanent launch spikes (more things can range on them) and they aren't that hard to target either.

The Medea is also good with its bombard option and extra hull, but not sure its the best strike carrier in the game. Its the only Strike carrier that can bombard, but its also the only one that cant target other ships in Atmo / defend itself, or if necessary take pot-shots at other ships in different orbital layers (its only ship to ship weapon cant be fired at its drop level) -so swings and roundabouts, its good but not really more than that.

Stompzilla wrote:Some of the broadside ships are not great but it's not the huge deal the internet seems to be making it out to be. Gun cruisers in general are not seen much from any faction and the ships that are seen often - the carriers, troopships, fast attack light cruisers, frigates and corvettes are all excellent.

Agreed - PHR are competitive without Broadsides. The Troopships have them (Medea's don't), but that's not why you take them, you take them as part of the ground game - and they are ok at that so the issues that normally arise with Broadsides are less of a niggle (fighting is their secondary job). Frigate wise the Pandora is excellent (no broadside), and the Andromeda is ok (no broadside), the Calypso is good for other reasons (no broadside) - while the worst PHR Frigate is the Europa (Broadside). Corvettes - no complaints, the Honey Badger is an excellent little ship (no broadsides). Where the Broadsides do become an issue is for the Mediums / Heavy's, which are 90% broadsides as the primary weapon, and that is an issue.

PHR have been designed with a certain mechanic in mind, that mechanic does not work very well in DFC and that's the deal - yes, we can work round it, but that's not the complaint. The issue is that none of the Broadside ships are really worth taking over the other options available to us.

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