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Scourge Demolition

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Re: Scourge Demolition

PostMon Jun 08, 2015 4:01 am

Egge wrote:Not really effective I would say. As it means first attack in turn 3.

I would calculate like this;
Turn 1. Marauder move, 12". Drop+half movement 6"
Turn 2. Slayer move 6" and shoots 12".

36" is my conclusion. Still not bad and should be able to make the Slayer reach the opponent building. But that is assuming no one is shooting at them so you don't need to hide.

Yes, that is accurate. Also factor in the Scourge command card Relentless Advance which gives +3" Move-Fire. It's a nasty attack. I will definitely be buying some Slayers for my Scourge. They have a powerful alpha strike.
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