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UCM vs Scourge starter set balance?

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Re: UCM vs Scourge starter set balance?

PostTue Oct 27, 2015 5:01 pm

Another small thing- consider that scourge tanks dont have any machine gun like weapons. Theres very little stopping you from searching, then sticking your head out to snipe scourge tanks, or other buildings, with your rocket launcher. If his infantry try to do the same well.... you have machine guns, and they dont have to target the same unit as the tanks main weapon- or the drop ships for that matter.

Its not always the best idea, but you CAN search and shoot in the same turn- so if hes left some of his tanks exposed and unsupported, or a dropship within 6", take the shots. If he tries to rely on the tactic himself, punish him for it with UCMs superior anti infantry firepower.

And if he uses the AA tanks on them, remember, they might hit buildings on a 2+, but not units inside buildings.....
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Re: UCM vs Scourge starter set balance?

PostThu Oct 29, 2015 6:50 am

Lots of great advice for novice/Starter Army UCM commanders here.

@Sword: Dude, you should really write "Strategy and Tactics" blog posts, especially for beginners. You have a lot of good information to convey, like you did here and in the thread by Kelbaaasaa about how to handle PHR with Scourge. If you took the time to really craft out your thoughts and make sure you cover every angle/topic (not saying you don't) you've got a really good style and "voice" for conveying your ideas. Just write them out in Word and do a spellcheck first, read thru again for clarity, content and completeness, copy-&-paste into a blog post and voila! Excellent advice for new and old!
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Re: UCM vs Scourge starter set balance?

PostFri Oct 30, 2015 8:07 am

Remember that none of your tanks need to survive to win the game. Sacrificing your Rapiers to kill his Infantry Marauder might just win you the game outright.

If you can bear it, try letting the Scourge player go first on the second turn. Should they split their infantry between two buildings, dump every Legionnaire into one of those buildings (probably the middle one). That'll give you 2:1 in the CQB, which should go your way after a turn or two without either squad being removed completely. Then you have two search rolls to get the objective.

And if it doesn't go your way despite outnumbering them, at least the game's over fast!
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