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[DZCommenter] Psych Series Pt 3: The Crisis of Confidence

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[DZCommenter] Psych Series Pt 3: The Crisis of Confidence

PostTue Feb 23, 2016 7:09 am

Hey gang,

DZCasualty has finished (and I have finally posted) the final installment of the Psych series, this time going to the dark side - recognizing and exploiting your opponent's crisis of confidence. As a poker player, Casualty LOVES to do this vs. me, but we both agree this stuff should be reserved for really competitive play or an opponent who knows what they're getting into :) ... onfidence/

With Psych all wrapped up (and my own house move behind me), we're going to be swinging back around to more traditional tactics articles (covering drop timing and demolition in the first wave) plus a few surprises on Dropfleet Commander! If you have any articles you'd like to see, please stop by and comment over at our Facebook page - we'd love to hear what you want to see next!
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