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The Games Workshop stock crash

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The Games Workshop stock crash

PostWed Jan 22, 2014 10:59 am

So, it's not exactly a secret that GW has fairly anti-consumer business practices, and it seems to be coming back to bite them.

After releasing their financial figures, significantly down from last year, shareholders started selling hard.


On the one hand, it's good to see the market punish companies that don't treat their customers right. On the other, GW is still the big player in wargames, and it would be a shame to lose them altogether.
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Full Metal Sandwich

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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostThu Jan 23, 2014 3:18 pm

I'd hate to see them go, but can't help but say they deserve it.. all I can say is, if they tank, it BETTER be after the new ork codex.
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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostThu Jan 23, 2014 4:48 pm

I don't think they'll go under, they've got to at least attempt another price rise before then. While I will admit some schadenfreude over it I do think that the landscape would be poorer for not having them in it, after all, it's where a lot of us started off.

Even if I do remember £3 for a metal terminator and £5 for two Rhinos.


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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostFri Jan 24, 2014 8:23 am

yep, certainly in the UK, most wargamers started due to GW stores and later expanded into other systems, without GW I would be worried about the next generation of wargamers, certainly in the UK!


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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostFri Jan 24, 2014 8:50 am

GW will close the german administration this year, including the german HQ store and maybe some less profitable stores.


Hawk Talon

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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostFri Jan 24, 2014 8:14 pm

like many others my first real taste of wargaming was with gw. But i am that old, that it was at one of their first stores in hammersmith london.

As much as i dislike what they have become, GW in their own way are the easiest route into this fantastic hobby, the fact they seem to be pushing anyone considered a 'veteran' gamer away, can only be good for companies like Hawk etc.

I wouldn't want to see GW crash and burn, but i do think a nice slap with the reality stick is just what the doctor ordered for them.
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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostSat Jan 25, 2014 5:53 pm

Not that I had any issue with their product but FASA died and Shadowrun is still around. That said, GW can die in a fiery pit for all time. Let the product be taken up by people who love the game and not simply profit for its own sake.

I always thought you Brits were better than us Yanks in that department. :twisted:
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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostSun Jan 26, 2014 6:57 pm

I started wargaming in secondary school when friends introduced me to wh fantasy. First army was hordes of chaos. Been into 40k for a bit as well but left it recently when I realised it was difficult to find games. Learnt a lot about the hobby from gw. I still use their paints to paint my scourge!! (Love dechala lilac edge paint!!) I would hate to see them go down. They have some decent background for their games too. So far I have enjoyed the background for dzc as well and i hope to see some more in the future, can't wait for the dzc expansion!!
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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostSat Feb 01, 2014 11:23 am

Well... I too started this hobby because of being exposed to GW, so there, but they have not had the same appeal to me that they had in the beginning for many, many years. The game never was much fun to begin with (bloated mess of counter-intuitive rules), and many of their new releases are just wacky for the sake of being "Warhammery".

It doesn't help that they are constantly giving us the idea that they are eager to alienate us with extremely strange decisions.

The only thing they still have going for them (and us to a degree indeed) is exposure. But if they indeed crash and burn (which they won't) I am pretty sure SOMEONE will jump in and take over that position.

But I am slowly stepping away. I still play from time to time and I have actually really enjoyed both Storm of Magic and Triumph and Treachery, but they are both cases of too little too late. Other games are slowly taking over at our club. Warhammer is still the main game but Dropzone is almost taking over, as well as Bolt Action and SAGA trying to take a stab at the throne. Mind you, we are a really small club, but still... Others are taking over.
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Re: The Games Workshop stock crash

PostMon Feb 10, 2014 9:02 pm

Personally I've stepped back from GW off and on with the previous edition but with the current when they decided to release everything in hardback I've stopped buying. With the price hike there and being able to buy their books on Itunes at least they have other options but the cost of the book there outweighs it especially with how soon again until they redo the book. After 12 years and having seeing an armybook released for armies I played 3 times I just stopped.

Releasing rules for models they never made also killed me and making Imperial Armour models playable in tournaments over here and people having limited access to the book to those that could afford it killed it more for me. Since Privateer Press came around ten years ago I've been happier with them especially making their games compatible and how they cleaned up the point system and include expansions in the new core rulebook every time makes it more affordable and conventient with the stats on cards.

Even more being Dropzone where he's been releasing stuff in PDFs. I'm happier with cards but even PDFs that're free is better all while experimental. At max feels a gamble to invest and see if your value drops harder or soars. Either way not concerned as much with them.

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