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What other miniature wargames do you play?

Discussion of other gaming systems
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostThu Sep 03, 2015 11:40 am

Like a lot of people, my miniature madness began with 40k (I just read about it in a magazine and decided to get a starter box in the 90').

After a few years of learning how to paint (maybe more what NOT to do when painting, such as using umbrol paints on space marines... even acetone wasn't enough to clean that mess) I stopped completely collecting miniatures.

A few years ago I started again with 40k, collecting an even more impressive collection (maybe 10 000 pts of Dark Angels, 5000 pts of chaos space marines and daemons, and a few other things...).

Nowadays my 40k days are finished (I think). I decided to try other games, other systems. I have the following games, but not enough time and/or game buddies to play them as much as I like to (unlike most people I know, I paint a lot more than I play) :

- warmachine : Cephalyx. I don't like the warmachine/horde background, nor steampunk very much. Those cephalyx does have a look that I find interesting and I enjoyed painting them. But playing the game, meh, I can't find any motivation (WM/H players here are very competitive and this can be really frightening).

- xwing miniatures : I have almost everything canon from the original trilogy. I like the game but I doesn't seem to be motivated enough to get some games.

- star wars armada : I like this even more than the xwing game. Did a few games and painted some of the fighters. I really have to get a game going soon !

- dystopian wars : that's currently the new game in town that my gaming buddies are mostly playing. So I get myself a big Republic of France fleet. Did a few games, and planning to play some more. I don't really dislike the game as there are some similarities with DZC, but I find the flaws and issues in design have been corrected by Dave in Dropzone Commander : flying units with unsteady bases, exploding dices that are both too random and make success probabily hard to guess, poorly designed rulebook...

Of course DZC is my main game (or I would like it to be, I do everything I can to promote it where I live) and I can't wait for Dropfleet as well !
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostTue Sep 22, 2015 7:30 pm

The only other mini wargame I play at the moment is Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I have played 40k in the past but my FLGS has for the most part switched to AoS.

Someday I hope to play 40k again at least once in awhile, but for now I think I'll work on better familiarizing myself with the current edition.
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostThu Oct 08, 2015 4:53 pm

Hi Everyone, nice post.

Started on the game with WFB, long time ago (90s or something like that) and after that i own lots of skavens, a quite big IG army, 2 bands of Infinity, 2 armies of Warmachine, and at some time, i owned an army of flames of war (it was stolen from me :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ).

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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostFri Nov 20, 2015 3:41 am

Battletech: My start in mini games (over 20 years ago) back when there was no such thing as the "Unseen". I still have some of the pewter, lead, and plastic minis, but I haven't touched it in probably close to a decade (mostly due to inability to find opponents).

40K: Started in 3rd edition with Tau, but I segued into Salamanders and have had them as my main army ever since. I have a smattering of other armies, but nothing that'd be even close to useful. I dropped out in 5th, came back a bit in 6th, but dropped out again when 7th hit and I found out I'd need to spend over $100 to keep up on rulebooks (lets not talk about models I'd need ).

Fantasy: I have a 6th edition Lizardmen army stored away in my basement. I only managed to get a couple of games in with it and dropped out before 7th and 8th hit. Technically I could play Age of Sigmar with them but I have no interest.

Warmachine/Hordes: Cygnar is my main army which I started in Mk1. Dropped out when I realized that the game was all about infantry and the Warjacks didn't really have a place. I've started to build up for Mk2, but I haven't really had a chance to get any games in yet. I also picked up one of those Skorne 35 pt army in a box sets, but I may end up selling it off.

DZC: Picked up the UCM skirmish starter back when it first hit stores, and then couldn't find anybody who was actually playing. A year or so later found my first opponent and we've started trying to grow the game here. I can probably field over 2000 pts of UCM (painted) now and have started a Resistance army.

I've also dabbled in Flames of War, but didn't jump feet first into it as I didn't really "find" my army until the Blood Guts & Glory book came out and introduced the good US tank armies, and since then my budget is going towards DZC (and soon DFC). I've also been tempted by Infinity but there are no local groups. All Quiet on the Martian Front has also tempted me on occasion, but just about every battle report I've seen involves crushing Martian victories or Pyrrhic Human victories.


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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostFri Dec 11, 2015 4:39 pm

i have played 40k first -third editions, fantasy upto 7th.
currently downsized miniature size wise to Field of Glory in 15mm,
Dropzone commander and Epic Armageddon.

TIer one is Epic and DropZone
Tier two is Field of Glory,
Tier three is man o war, frostgrave


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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostFri Dec 11, 2015 8:56 pm

Started with 40k, bought everything from Heroscape and X-wing, some Lotr and Warmachine. Turned out 40K took and takes up most of my time so decided to sell my other systems. X-wing and Warmachine has been sold, Heroscape is still for sale and just can't get myself to sell my Lotr right now :), just for the models, not playing the game.

Decided I wanted 1 game besides 40K to change things up now and then and through Faiet212 I decided on Dropzone Commander. I like the different scale and not having to bring along cases of models to play a game :).
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostMon Dec 14, 2015 4:56 am

Played in 2015 (in order of plays)

Imperial Assault (Campaign & Skirmish mode)
Dropzone Commander
Golem Arcana
Battle of Westeros
Battlecry (more of a boardgame, with minis)
Conquest of Nerath (more of a boardgame, with minis)
Queen's Gambit (more of a boardgame, with minis)
Dust Tactics
Tide of Iron (more of a boardgame, with minis)

The past has too many to list.

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