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Medusa - new role?

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Medusa - new role?

PostTue Sep 27, 2016 7:32 pm

There's been a lot of talk about Medusa nerfing lately, and I have agreed with it. The Medusa has been (in my eyes) over nerfed, mainly (as I have said elsewhere) I think she is a little to expensive for what she offers now.....but then again, maybe not. I am starting to come round to the theory that she IS too expensive for what she used to do - but now she has an entirely different role.

When the Medusa first came out she was wildly popular, not because she was infantry (a task she was rarely used for), but because she was a fast and hard hitting AT which PHR (with the exception of the Apollo) just did not have, on a relatively survivable package. The Medusa and the Valkyrie (along with the Apollo) all provided a needed mobility boost, and opened up different ways to play the PHR in a faster, more aggressive way. The Medusa was the poster child for this. She isn't anymore, she's good and still fast, but less survivable (partly as a result of the evolution of other higher ROF weaponry, and partly because people have learned how to deal with her) and less hard hitting. On top of this she is more expensive. A combination of all the changes was an over nerf to her old role. But the more I think about it, maybe its more a consideration that she is now primarily an actual infantry unit (and should be used as such) rather than the mother of dragons.

As standard infantry, she's not great in CQB but can help in it, is relatively survivable with the 3+ dodge, and thanks to DF and the fact she can be healed isn't to bad against falling masonry either (in fact, she's probably the best infantry unit we have against falling masonry). Then factor in the versatility, she's still fast, can get about without her transport if needed, has great threat range as a result and can survive in the open. She's less hard hitting but can be called upon as a (still good) AT unit when needed (again, probably the best Infantry AT available to the PHR, and better than some vehicles). And then there's Critical locations.....

I like playing fast PHR, and the Hera made that a reality for me. Its fast, hard hitting and still a bit slower than some factions can be without trying, but its a thing now. Fast PHR however, is nowhere near as durable and damage resistant as its slower cousin. With the old missions, that's not an issue as you can keep dancing around and hit and running. Critical locations however force you to hold a location throughout the game (not just get in on the last turn). And that gives fast PHR a problem, an Apollo is not going to be able to stand on and claim a critical location for long unless you have some sort of infinite Apollo conga line jumping on and off and even then at 40pts its fairly easy to claim, Infantry (Generally) isn't the best CL claimant. Nope, what you want for that job is Odins, Hades etc - that cost points and can take quite a few hits before going down - but, that's not fast PHR....Medusa's however are fast, and not only are they expensive and survivable enough to sit on a Critical Location and claim it, they also hold enough of an AT threat to make your opponent thing twice about trying to claim it off them without killing them first.

So the more I think about it, the more the Medusa looks like a good choice for an all-comers list. In objective / Intel games, its standard searching Infantry with a backup role. Focal Points, its a fast moving claimant who can harass units and make a mess, CL's - it can hold and deter. It doesn't really matter what mission comes up - the Medusa has a role and a use, and is ok/good at its job (which is by no means true of other Infantry units). While I wouldn't pay the points for what the Medusa used to do for me, when I think of how I can use her now....I would (if that makes sense). Buying her as part of my normal 4 units of infantry allocation instead of on top of it....


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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostTue Sep 27, 2016 10:08 pm

That's an interesting idea. I think that using her as an AT mobile infantry rather than the core of the army could work. I'd consider a BG of Valkyries, sirens and a medusa - you get three concurrent search roles and lot of mobility.
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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostTue Sep 27, 2016 10:51 pm

I love that someone posted this! Thank you! I've been thinking about the Medusa this way since Phase 2 took one last shot at her.

The biggest struggle she faces is her own past (deep, eh?). The contrast effect is almost too strong with her, in that people will be remembering the days when she would single-handedly win games, and now she has to learn how to play well with others. If she didn't have a year of people playing the super-hero version of her I think she would be seeing a LOT of table time right now.

I do believe it's totally possible to use her effectively, but she probably needs to be played more conservatively now. Instead of the One Woman Army she used to be now she's an assassin, buffer/healer, and 100-point CL holder. I think that the real trick with her will be knowing when to commit her to the anti-tank role and when to keep her back supporting CQBs and healing your commander. Previously you could play her much more fast and loose and she'd still mostly be ok.

Someday (when I wouldn't be making my meta 100% PHR by playing them again, LOL!), I really want to run a pair of them, but that might be asking too much in her Phase 2 state.
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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostWed Sep 28, 2016 10:40 am

I agree as well. Suddenly people actually have to think when playing her and use her right instead of just placing her on the center of the table and laugh. As stated she is a model that is a fast AT, can enter buildings and take shots if placed correctly. As a versatile unit she should pay a premium price.


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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostWed Sep 28, 2016 12:09 pm

Very well reasoned and written OP. I agree with your conclusions too. Well done sir.


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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostThu Sep 29, 2016 5:59 pm

Thanks Chaps, glad I'm not on my own re-pondering this one!

Major Awesome wrote: I really want to run a pair of them, but that might be asking too much in her Phase 2 state.

Yes - have been toying with doubling her up myself (although I think the combo of Medusa / Valks / Sirens in a Pegasus group is a good one):

PHR Standard Roster [1500/1500 pts]

1. Hand of the Sphere [485 pts]
Sirens: 2x Sirens, Triton A1 [129 pts]
Hera Squad: Hera(War Advisor), 3x Apollo-A, Njord [356 pts]

2. Battle Pantheon [223 pts]
Battle Squad: Phobos [63 pts]
Helios Squad: 2x Helios, Neptune [160 pts]

3. Immortals [101 pts]
Immortals: 2x Immortals, Triton A1 [101 pts]

4. Pegasus Group [396 pts]
Mercury Drones: 4x Mercury, 2x Triton A2(+Stealth Missiles, +RN-5 Skyhammer) [116 pts]
Medusa: Medusa, Triton X [140 pts]
Medusa: Medusa, Triton X [140 pts]

5. Heavy Pantheon [160 pts]
Thor Squad: 4x Thor Bombard [160 pts]

6. Air Wing [135 pts]
Athena Squad: Athena [135 pts]

(Just wish there was a way I could get in a double Athena without dropping either the Helios, Njord or the Thor's!)
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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostFri Sep 30, 2016 2:28 am

Interesting list. Are you going to be trying it out soon? I'd love to hear how it goes.
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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostFri Sep 30, 2016 5:19 pm

Kind of depends when my Dropfleet pledge arrives - with limited game time I suspect that the next few sessions may well be dropfleet!
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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostFri Sep 30, 2016 10:15 pm

Gonefishing wrote:Kind of depends when my Dropfleet pledge arrives - with limited game time I suspect that the next few sessions may well be dropfleet!

I'm afraid that's what's going to happen in my meta, too! Won't be able to (or really want to) get a game of Dropzone in for a while, because we'll all be focused on Dropfleet. Some guys aren't going as deep into DfC as I am, but I'm pretty sure that we'll be pretty focused on it up through Thanksgiving and into December... :roll:
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Re: Medusa - new role?

PostTue May 09, 2017 8:45 am

hi comm

well back to DZC ... ,-P

so i never used a Medusa before... but i like the Model and Fluff. Now some questions, its hard to gather her correct role...

Cl holder sounds right, now... how is this DF special rule... when the Medusa would get hit by a AOE weapon, is it than counting as 1x hit or 2D6 hits.... ?

next she is not the bes in CQB but can hold very good against falling damage, so if CL holder better outside or inside a building?

she is always only hit on 5+ or 6+ because of E+3 right? with DF its quiet powerfull only weakness could be Ares or AOE weapons right?

is there a difference between the Valkyries and Medusa according 9" move and embarking buildings? have the Valkyries any benefit i dont see with jet packs?

and well its the first model which let me think of getting glasses ... to paint here.... :roll:
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