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Finishing my Fleet

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Finishing my Fleet

PostWed Feb 08, 2017 5:50 pm

I've got four more cruiser sprues and three more frigate sprues incoming, and I'm looking for advice on how to build them. My collection as it stands now is:

    Diamond Battleship
    Adamant Battlecruiser
    Jet Heavy Cruiser
    Obsidian Heavy Cruiser
    2x Amber Cruisers
    2x Emerald Motherships
    4x Topaz Frigates
    4x Jade Frigates
    2x Opal Frigates
    2x Amethyst Frigates

As I wrote above, I am adding four more cruisers and twelve more frigates, and I'm trying to decide what to do with them. For the frigates, I'm thinking of basically just doubling what I've already got. For the cruisers, though, I'm torn between the following options:

2x Torquoise Cruisers (to up my bombardment game), 1x Emerald Mothership (because my collection is getting big enough that 1.5k games are up are within my grasp), and 1x Basalt Fleet Carrier (because in my one game so far, some fighters to provide backup PD for when shields go up would have been great).


3x Azurite Light Cruisers (to give me another "ship of the line" option, and a highly aggressive and mobile one at that), and 1x Emerald or Basalt (same logic as above).


3x Aquamarine Light Cruisers (to mess with my opponent's angles and support my bigger ships) and 1x Emerald or Basalt (same logic as above).


Something else that I haven't thought of yet, like 2x Turquoise and another 2x Amber, or whatever.

Suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to challenge my assumptions and analysis - as I wrote, I'm only one game in and eager for more information from my more experienced fellows!
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