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Briscon Results 5game 1250pts

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Briscon Results 5game 1250pts

PostMon May 01, 2017 8:07 am

1st Kemble - Scourge
2nd Aiden - PHR
3rd Sam - Scourge
4th Ryan - UCM
5th Isaac - UCM
6th Jason W - Scourge
7th Geordie - Shaltari
8th Michael - UCM
9th Jason C - UCM
10th Nick - PHR
11th Robert - Scourge
12th Rex - PHR

The largest Hawk event in Australia to date and it was a great event.
4 of my local group drove 7 hours to get there. It was a clash of the Metas and ours prevailed.
Most of the lists participating were running close to 1 troopship, 4 strike carriers and 3 or 4 corvettes, with lots of dps ships. While our lists were based on more landing assets:
Michael (8th) ran 2 San Fran, 7 New Orleans, 1 Madrid and 4 Santiagos
Ryan (4th) ran 2 San Fran, 5 New Orleans, 1 Madrid and 10 Santiagos (and close to 3rd on points)
Aiden (2nd) ran 4 Orpheus, 4 Medea, 8 Echo and 4 Calypso
My own list (1st) with 2 Chimera, 6 Gargoyles and 9 Nickar

The general rule was that we won our games on missions and often killed less than our opponents killed of our fleets. In my case I only out killed my opponent in the first round where once I had secured the victory on the mission I started to Max Thrust my in danger units and hide them in debris fields to keep them alive, without that I would of lost more than I killed in every game. But to generally kill less than I lose is kinda part of my strategy, I used 7 Djinn in 2 separate BGs to kamikaze in and kill critical ships, such as calypso, troopships or clear critical locations and to give myself the advantage in the missions at hand.

My first game was against 10th, then 4th, 2nd, 3rd and finally the player who ended 7th but was in 4th before our game, and I was the only undefeated player at the event. Although If my game against Sam's Scourge had managed all 6 turns (we were out of time 3/4 thru turn 5) I believe he would have overrun my points lead from turn 4.

The star list of the tournament was Aidens PHR I believe. 4 Orpheus, 4 Calypso, 4 Medea, 8 Echo and 1 Belephron.
The Orpheus's were dammed near unkillable and he simply out dropped landing assets dominating that section of the game. The Echo's showed what beasts they are while the Orpheus pulled their weight well with broadsides coming into great effect when they had their durability secured to get up to and thru the middle of the table to unleash their power.

I didnt like my chances against Aidens list when we were matched on Defence Relay which I felt was his strongest mission due to the close proximity of 4 landing locations for his Orpheus swarm. But the Djinn got the ground work done, between the 7 of them I managed to drop 3 of the Calypso's and half of an Orpheus. While the Hydra and Basilisk were able to clean up the last Calypso and all of the Orpheus before the entirety of my orbital ships were slain with Aidens Belephron still standing.

My List
Kemble - 1246pts
Scourge - 5 launch assets
SR11 Vanguard battlegroup (237pts)
1 x Basilisk - 205pts - H
1 x Gargoyle - 32pts - L
SR9 Line battlegroup (312pts)
1 x Hydra - 140pts - M
4 x Djinn - 172pts - L
SR9 Line battlegroup (233pts)
1 x Chimera - 105pts - M
2 x Gargoyle - 64pts - L
2 x Gargoyle - 64pts - L
SR9 Line battlegroup (203pts)
1 x Chimera - 105pts - M
1 x Gargoyle - 32pts - L
3 x Nickar - 66pts - L
SR3 Pathfinder battlegroup (129pts)
3 x Djinn - 129pts - L
SR6 Pathfinder battlegroup (132pts)
3 x Nickar - 66pts - L
3 x Nickar - 66pts - L

If I had known the lists I would of been facing, I probably would have dropped 3 Nickar and taken 2 extra Gargoyles in their place, (there were too few strike carriers across the table to get value from 9 Nickar) And I would have swapped the locations of the 6 Nickar and the 4 Djinn so that I ended up with an SR3 Djinn group and an SR4 Djinn group. Over the games I had over the 2 days I didnt need access to the lowish SR6 Nickar as often while a second low SR Djinn group would have been very handy.
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Re: Briscon Results 5game 1250pts

PostTue May 02, 2017 12:58 pm

The Shaltari player deserves props if he got to 4th with his list. So many things there.

Good writeup! You all did amazing and I am happy to hear that the tournament scene is off to a good start
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Re: Briscon Results 5game 1250pts

PostWed May 03, 2017 9:37 am

Yeah he did quite well, it helped that only 4 players had 6 or more corvettes to shut down his gates.

The shaltari player won his first 2 games, then lost his next 3 games against the players ending 3rd, 2nd and 1st in that order. It was unfortunate for him to have faced all 3 of us. He pushed his plastic around quite well tho and made good use of what he had.

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