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Admiral Bonuses and AA Batteries

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Admiral Bonuses and AA Batteries

PostFri May 12, 2017 8:48 am

I was playing a match recently, and noticed something; I'd like to check my rules interpretation, as well as my strategic assessment (for both, I think I'm right, and would love to be wrong).

On page 59, section 5) states that the player with the lowest initiative places ground assets from their bulk landers first; in most circumstances regarding initiative, this is a benefit to the player with the higher initiative (quite likely the player with the better Admiral, if there's a difference between them). However, if you have a pair of troopships coming to a previously untouched cluster, this is disastrous for the higher-initiative player. You can see your opponent about to drop a pair of bulk landers, and make sure there's a nice AA Battery in place for them.

This doesn't make sense to me. Am I reading the rules right, in the first place? I'd love it if I'm wrong. If not, I'm conflicted about ever taking an Admiral ever again. I play PHR; I depend on my troopships to do the lion's share of my ground work. I need to lose initiative on the ground to be able to make it even odds to tie on the troopship face-off. I'm not sure if anything in the Command Cards box could make up for having the penalty, "All your Bulk Landers have to fight through AA Batteries". If my opponents catch on to this approach, and know to not take Admirals, they can easily exploit this advantage.

This doesn't seem like a trade-off to taking Admirals; it seems like an oversight. Maybe if players declared intended placement from lowest to highest, then actually placed from highest to lowest? Or if the higher initiative player got to simply decide?

Also, from a fluff perspective, this really bothers me. Having an Admiral means you logistics worse than the other guy? Really?


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Re: Admiral Bonuses and AA Batteries

PostFri May 12, 2017 9:03 am

AA bateries have to be in a sektor already. You can't use them tge very same tutn you use them. Look there for exakt reasoning : viewtopic.php?f=38&t=9928
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Re: Admiral Bonuses and AA Batteries

PostFri May 12, 2017 4:23 pm

As per the link given to you there, Defence Batteries have to be already on the ground for them to take effect. The only negative right now with the forced iniative is that the loser gets to move first right now which can lock down the winners ground assets.

I asked Hawk Liam about this and he mentioned it was an oversight both in the main rules and the last FAQ/Errata. The winner of the dice off should get to pick if they win or lose iniative in the Roundup Phase and that is how it will be played at all Hawk run events. There should be a tournament package out soon that may confirm that and if not it should be in the next FAQ.

So long story short don't worry MrKittens, your Admirals will be more helpful soon and until then either agree with your opponent before the game that the "new" rules will be in effect and don't worry about Defence Batteries that are not on the ground at the begining of the turn.

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