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V.2 UCM 15000

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V.2 UCM 15000

PostWed Sep 26, 2018 6:21 pm

Hey all. Since things have been a bit quiet here with the transition, and I'm just getting into the game (I know - great timing), I figured I'd play around a bit and try a 1500 pt. build for DZC 2.0.

In the list below, I've used the official updated points cost where available, and used the old ones where they are not. I've also given myself about 1% "wiggle room" in terms of the total points value to account for uncertainty regarding the point costs of models not in the official updates, as many units seem to be shedding a point or two if they change at all.

Discussion: I like the Gladii in the HQ group, because it puts some serious firepower on the board right away in the "Distant" approach type. Also, the Wolverines provide some organic scouting for the Kodiak, as well as a decent AA presence.

In the armor group, the Eagle is there for two reasons: 1)To provide another tempting target, potentially drawing fire from the other units, and 2) To synergize with the Katanas for demo goodness.

Both of the troop units are fairly standard and self-explanatory. The flak units have performed well for me and add some more distributed AA.

In the Special unit, the Snipers give me a much needed exotic units, and provide integral spotting for the Longbows, as well as some more distributed AA.

Now, an obvious issue with this list is that it has only 5 battlegroups, but I was having a hard time cramming another one in. The most straightforward fix would be to split up the Armor group, but that would leave two pretty fragile units. Alternatively, I could move the Gladii to the Armor group and split it up, but then I lose the organic firepower in the HQ unit.

Thoughts? Anyone else tried to build a list for 2.0?

BTW: I apologize for the non-standard format of the list, but obviously there is no update for FFoR yet.


UCM 1500 for DZC v2.0

Unit Transport/Misc. Qty. Pts.

Kodiak x1 -108
**Lvl. 2 Cmdr. x1 -60
**Archangel Strike x1 -25
**Condor x1 -30
Gladius x2 -110
**Condor x1 -30
Wolverine A x4 -72
**Raven B x2 -30

Total: 465

Armor 1
Katana x3 -111
**Condor x1 -30
Rapier x3 -135
**Condor x1 -30
Eagle Gunship x1 -110

Total: 416

Troops 1
Legionnaires x3 -66
**Bear x1 -15
Flak Team x2 -68
**Bear x1 -15
**Condor x1 -30

Total: 194

Troops 2
Legionnaires x2 -44
**Raven A x1 -25
Legionnaires x2 -44
**Raven A x1 -25
Falcon A x2 -80

Total: 218

Special 1
Snipers x3 -108
**Raven A x1 -25
Longbow x2 -60
**Raven B x2 -30

Total: 223

Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.
- Frederick II of Prussia (Ostensibly)

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