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1500pts list. C&C wanted

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Re: 1500pts list. C&C wanted

PostFri Aug 24, 2018 9:36 pm

Zero wrote:Thanks! I hate the look of the Despoiler (and Marauders, btw) so I'll hardly buy one.

My biggest issue with DzC seems to be that I hate the look of the factions that seems to have an interesting game-style (Scourge, Shaltari), while to ones I love the look of (UCM, PHR) looks boring to play ^^;

I disagree on boring, different but not boring to me.

UCM are the easiest to play but hardest to master. They lack the unit or unit type that they excel at over everyone else. This, I think, prevents a player from using that unit as a crutch both tactically and strategically. To win with UCM every unit has to play their role and play it well. Very satisfying when everything comes together and you win.

PHR may seem tanky but they have received some faster units in the later books. They have a good variety now that you can make many different lists that all play very different from each other.

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