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A tiny little bug in the Resistance fluff

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Re: A tiny little bug in the Resistance fluff

PostThu Jun 22, 2017 7:04 am

SwordOfJustice wrote:So... you reckon that you can land a force of several million and then fight through a population of several billion, all willing to fight to the death? In a year?

Solid background, you say? Hey, I kind of liked Green Lantern, but come on, I have some limits! LMAO :D

I disagree with the people who think the DzC universe is badly written. I had some text here answering your above statement and other things about technical details, but I feel the following is more important to consider.

I look at SciFi stories from a more literary perspective, which means I'm more interested in plot, character/group culture development, motives, levels of drama, suspense curve, and actually even art style... and DzC really does all of that very well.

Part of the charme of the DzC universe for me is actually that we DON'T understand all the technical and historically logical bits. To me, as soon as you learn everything about a SciFi or fantasy universe, it grows somewhat stale and boring.

That is why Lord of the Rings is one of the best fantasy worlds: Tolkien managed to include lots of hints at things he never mentions again, leaving you with an impression of an immense world and history without telling you everything about it. That is what allows your own fantasy to grow, to roam, to be alive. The same worked for Star Wars right up until the prequels, which destroyed some of that charme, because suddenly the clone wars and the jedi and all wasn't as mythological anymore, leaving less to your own imagination.

And with DzC, it is the same. The aliens aren't fully understood, the history between now and the Scourge invasion isn't really detailed, and the motives of the White Sphere are unclear. That for some reason, most cities on the game table look like 1960ies New York or Chicago doesn't really matter to me when the story is good, the characters and factions are great, and there is room for my own imagination to roam free.

P.S.: One of the most successful SciFi-tabletop wargaming universes you all know wouldn't last a minute under the scrutiny of anyone trained in engineering and nobody cares. DzC at least actually allows for having it looked at from an engineering point of view because it doesn't completely throw science out of the window on page2 of the book.
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Re: A tiny little bug in the Resistance fluff

PostFri Jun 23, 2017 4:56 am

+1 Skylifter.
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